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Child Custody in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Child Custody Lawyer

When you are involved in a divorce and there are minor children, nothing is more important than your relationship with your children. You want a custody agreement that is in their best interests, that addresses their needs and concerns, but that also allows you to play a meaningful role in their growth and development. You want an experienced attorney to help you put together an effective parenting plan, one who has successfully worked with other parents in similar situations.

At the offices of Erik B. Jensen P.C., a Professional Corporation, we have over 73 years of combined experience in family law matters, including child custody issues. Our lawyers take a common sense approach to custody, drawing from the experience and knowledge of all our attorneys, so that we can identify all your options as well as any challenges you face. We pride ourselves in our ability to implement creative and innovative solutions that help you get the outcome you want.

Our lawyers provide a free initial consultation to all clients. contact our office or call us at 215-798-0544 (toll-free at 1-866-550-4686) to set up an appointment.

Child Custody, Child Support, and Divorce in Philadelphia

During and after your separation or divorce in Philadelphia your primary concern is likely to be for the welfare of your children. Certainly, the family courts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey encourage parents to work out an agreement regarding custody and visitation through effective negotiations or useful mediation.

Because of our experience, we know that custody arrangements always work better when mutually agreed upon by the parents, rather than dictated by a judge. If you can't agree on custody, the court will make a determination, taking into account 15 different social and economic factors, including the location of each parent's home, the role of each parent as caregiver in the past, the quality of local schools, the finances of each parent, and, for older children, the preferences of the child.

Allow us to serve your needs by reviewing and weighing the importance of each factor in your case. Often we are able to help you design a plan that is reasonable and agreeable to both parties. If it is necessary to protect your relationship with your child, we are experienced and well-prepared to go to court to defend your parental rights. Not only will we defend your rights in custody cases, but also in child support matters.

Child Custody and the Extended Family

A battle over child custody may extend beyond the child's parents and often will involve grandparents or other extended family members. In some cases, a child has been left temporarily with a relative. If the non-parent was voluntarily given the child and had custody for more than 12 months, that person stands in the place of the parent(s) in loco parentis. If a later custody dispute should arise, these factors are important to know and present to the court.

In other cases, grandparents may be seeking visitation privileges. Many children have profound relationships with their grandparents that are thwarted by others who seek to disrupt relationships that are important to the child. We help families in all areas of custody disputes. We know and excel at serving families in custody and support matters.

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